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From: Sherby
Subject: Extra Curricular PE (Part One)This story is entirely fictional; none of the events ever took place to the
best of my knowledge. Anything that seems familiar is entirely accidental.
The story describes male-to-male sexual activity If that’s not your cup of
tea, then please don’t read this. Otherwise, enjoy - and please send you
comments, suggestions, etc. Lolita Girl Toplist
to sherbymailgooglemail.comThis is my first attempt to write a Nifty story so I would appreciate any
comments. Part Two to follow soon.This is the first part in a planned series. I hope you enjoy it.Extra-curricular PE
(Part One)
God, I was shit at PE. It didn’t matter what I tried to do, I was shit. It
wasn’t that I hated sport, I enjoyed watching it - but not necessarily for
the same reasons as my class mates. Rugby - I was happy watching hunky,
hairy men throw each other around a pitch and grab each other between the
legs. Football - that was OK too, though I tended to perk up at the end of
a match when they’d taken their shirts off and were waving at Lolita Girl Toplist the crowd.
Tennis - ah, happy moments when the camera focused on the hot, sweaty guy
changing his shirt, wiping himself with a towel that fluffed up the hairs
on his chest and under his arm…sorry, where was I? Oh yes, PE - me -
shit. Football involved me hanging as far back as possible, then
half-heartedly running at the ball if it came near me. In the unlikely
event of me making contact, I generally toe-bunted it in the right the
direction, then got back to trying to look like I knew what I was doing. In
fact, what I was actually doing was trying to work out which of my sixteen
year old classmates was the most masculine; who was developing fastest, who
had the sexiest, hairiest legs?Nick Griffin would be fairly high on the list. Although he was an arrogant
twat who’d shagged most of the female population you could see what they
saw in him: sexy brown eyes, spiky gelled hair and a sexy smile. He had
really filled out too, his was no longer a boy’s body, but was that of a
man. He had dark, brown hairy legs and when he took his shirt off to get
changed displayed a broad chest, covered with a smattering of short brown
hairs. The hair under his arms was thick and bushy and never failed to
impress me. I obviously had to be really careful when I snuck my glances
though - if he’d had the slightest inkling that I fancied him my life
wouldn’t have been worth living. Fortunately, I wasn’t ever really on his
radar - he Lolita Girl Toplist stuck to the ‘lads’ end of the changing room, the end where they
could compliment each other on playing well and could compare notes on
which birds gave the best blow jobs. Besides, there were other lads that
were higher on the target list than me - Chris Hunt, who everyone called a
puff, Robbie Edwards, who was really fat, and David Knott, who was just
weird! I usually managed to stay just on the sidelines enough to avoid
getting any serious stick. Anyway, admiring sexy men from afar had become
something of a pastime, and sexy as Nick was, he couldn’t compete with my
main object of desire.Andrew Jarrett - our PE teacher. Now, I know it’s a bit of a cliche’ for a
PE teacher to be fit as fuck, but he really was. He was the kind of man
that I just couldn’t get eye- contact with; he exuded masculinity, was
obviously incredibly fit (in both senses of the word) and was actually a
really nice bloke with it. He was about 6′ tall, with short brown hair that
was slightly curly, cornflower blue eyes and brilliant white teeth. He
always wore, whatever the weather, shorts and a polo shirt for teaching,
spending the rest of the time in jumpers and chinos. His legs were sturdy,
tanned and hairy all the way up- I was always transfixed by his chunky
thighs with their coating of fur. His forearms were similarly covered with
thick corded veins running up them. Seeing the curls of hair at the neck of
his polo shirt always made my pulse quicken - his shirts were always just
tight enough that if he bent down on the barest minimum of chest could be
seen - it was a constant source of frustration for me! He was pretty young
too, certainly the youngest male teacher on the staff, he’d been teaching
for three years, which would have made him about 25 or so. What made him
even sexier was the fact that he treated all of us the same, he didn’t
favour the really sporty lads and didn’t pick on those of us who were more
‘athletically challenged’!Obviously, as I wasn’t blessed with sporting prowess my interactions with
Mr Jarrett were actually pretty limited, restricted to our two one-hour
lessons a week. This was enough to provide me with plenty of material for
fantasy wanks but was nowhere near what I would have liked. Ironically, it
would be my mum who would help to change all that.I’d Lolita Girl Toplist been considering my future career options for a while and had decided
that teaching really appealed to me - in particular primary teaching. I’d
really enjoyed primary school and thought that it would be rewarding to
work with younger kids. I’d already decided that I would specialise in
science as there was a shortage of science teachers at primary school, that
and the lack of male teachers meant that it would hopefully prove pretty
easy for me to get a job when the time came. The only slight concern I had
was that I would have to teach everything at primary and that included, of
course, PE. I’d mentioned this in passing as a slight worry to my mum one
evening over tea, and mum, being mum, decided to do something about it. At
the next parent’s evening she made a point of seeking out Mr Jarrett and
asking for his advice. Perhaps I’m being a bit cynical but she wouldn’t
have found this much of a hardship as she’d commented in the past about how
handsome he was! Anyway, him being the supportive kind of guy that he was,
he assured my mum that he would find some spare time during the week to
spend with me to bring me up to speed on some suitable teaching Lolita Girl Toplist techniques
that I could use with primary kids. And true to his word, after the next PE
session he called me into his office Lolita Girl Toplist
which adjoined the changing rooms and
asked me to take a seat.I’d actually never been in his office in all the time I’d been at the
school, there’d not really been any need to. It was pretty small and full
of all sorts of random sports equipment: broken hockey sticks, flat
footballs, cricket stumps, traffic cones and some crash mats with the
stuffing coming out. There was a slightly musty smell in the room -
possibly from the basket which was bulging with lost property. A small
shower cubicle was at the back of the room and my cheeks pricked with
colour as my eyes fell upon a pair of very brief briefs hanging on a hook
on the wall. All of this scan of my surroundings took about thirty seconds
and was probably my way of avoiding eye-contact with this gorgeous man.”So, Simon, your mum was telling me that you’re a bit worried about the PE
side of teaching?”"Well…I am bit. I mean…you know that I’m not the best at PE?”At this he raised his eyebrows and gave a wry smile - too kind to agree
outright but too honest to try and convince me otherwise.”Look, first of all, you don’t have to worry about it, there are lots of
really good books and schemes that can help you plan your lessons. But, if
you want to get a bit of confidence building I’m happy to spend an hour or
so a week teaching you a few different techniques. Remember, primary kids
just need a good variety of fun activities, basic skills and that sort of
thing. Now - I’ve got football and rugby three nights a week, Mondays are
staff meetings so I could only do Fridays after school. How are you fixed
for Fridays?”"That would be fine, sir, I don’t want to put you to too much trouble
though - especially at the end of the week. If you just want to lend me
some books or something I’m sure I’ll be fine.”What the fuck was I saying? Was I really trying to talk myself out of an
opportunity to spend an hour a week with this specimen of masculinity? He
smiled his smile that showed all his teeth and made his eyes crinkle at the
edges,”It’s no trouble at all - I’ll enjoy it actually. Might be good for me to
get back to basics on some of this stuff. I’m usually here pretty late on a
Friday anyway, getting the equipment sorted for the next week, so maybe you
can give me a hand with that as payback?”He ran his hands through his hair which gave me the briefest glimpse up the
sleeve of his t-shirt, a dark shock of curly armpit hair came into view and
my cock twitched. My mouth was beginning to feel dry and I was feeling
hot. It was time to get out of here before I embarrassed myself,”Yes, of course, sir - and thanks very much - I really appreciate it. When
shall we start?”"The sooner the better - how’s tomorrow? Let’s get going and get your
confidence up, eh?”"That’s great - and thanks again, sir”With that, I stood up, bringing my school bag slightly in front of my
crotch. I certainly wasn’t completely hard but there was a stirring in my
cock that I was all too aware of. I thanked him (again) and left his
office back into the changing room. As if the gods were conspiring against
my burgeoning hard-on, waiting outside the door, clad only in football
shorts and socks was Nick Griffin. Mr Jarrett had followed me out,”Ah, Nick - good lad - let’s have a look at this fixtures lists, shall we?
See Lolita Girl Toplist you tomorrow, Simon.”And, with that I left them to it, just waving over my shoulder to them - I
needed to get home as quickly as possible, I’d stored far too many images
in my wank bank and needed to make the most of them!Friday had to be the longest day ever. Minutes seemed to creep by in hours
but then at 3.15 with just 15 minutes to go, the excitement turned to
nervousness. What if I made a cock of myself? How would I spend this much
time with this man without springing a boner? How would I manage to stop
myself blushing the whole time I was with him? I’d soon find out - the bell
rang me out of my reverie. Taking a deep breath I grabbed my school bag and
headed to the changing rooms. They were empty and there was no sign of Mr
Jarrett. I was just about to start getting changed when he stuck his head
round the door,”Simon! Good timing - we’ll have to get changed Lolita Girl Toplist in my room, the cleaners
will want to get started on the changing rooms straightaway. So, let’s get
going, then we’ll head to the gym.”Oh God! This was all my dreams and nightmares colliding in one. First, the
opportunity to see him getting into his sports gear, but also having to get
changed myself without my cock giving my ridiculous infatuation away. I
took a deep breath and followed him into his room. He was already removing
his grey v-neck sweater and white tea shirt, so all I could see was a
broad, tanned back. As he turned to talk to me, my breathing literally
stopped. That little v of hair that his polo shirts always teased led into
a thick mat of curly dark hair that spread across his pecs. It looked so
soft and fluffy that it took every ounce of willpower I had not to reach
over and run my fingers through it. Two small brown nipples poked through
the hair and cried out to be nibbled on. The hair led into a line that
carried on down his flat stomach and swirled around his navel, then further
down…I knew that my cheeks were absolutely crimson. I also knew that I
hadn’t heard a word he’d just said,”I’m sorry, sir - what did you say?”I turned away from him and started rooting through my sports bag to
distract myself.”I said we’d start with some basic football stuff today, just make sure
you’re OK with the basic rules and try to make sure you know how to kick a
ball properly. How does that sound?”I made the mistake of turning at this point to nod, he was smiling at me
encouragingly. That part I could cope with, it was the fact he was undoing
his trousers at the same time that put my cock in severe danger of bursting
out of my trousers. He also carried on talking to me about what he’d got
planned for the next few sessions which meant I had to keep facing in his
direction so as not to appear rude. My cheeks were burning crimson and my
mouth felt as if I’d not had anything to drink for a month, a subtle
buzzing started in my ears and I felt sweat on top lip. Mr Jarrett, the
object of my lust for Lolita Girl Toplist
the last three years was now standing in front of me,
completely naked apart from a very small pair of briefs, similar to the
ones I’d spotted hanging in the shower the day before.Whilst the briefs were small, the contents clearly weren’t. They were being
pulled down so almost all of his thick, curly pubes were on display. What
was obviously a really large packet hung between his hairy thighs. The
briefs were grey t-shirt type material and were obviously under a lot of
strain. Curly hairs appeared from around the part that cupped his
low-hanging balls. I was utterly transfixed, mesmerised by this stunning
man before me, who was talking to me. Oh shit, who was talking and I was
staring at his packet completely blatantly. And now he was laughing as he
pulled on a sports vest,”Bloody hell, Simon, you’re in another world this afternoon! Has it been a
long week? Are you going to get changed?”"I’m…I…I mean…yes, sir, sorry sir. I was miles away!”I finally pulled myself together and got my gear out of my bag and turned
away to start changing. I removed my tie and shirt as quickly as possible
and threw on a t- shirt, Lolita Girl Toplist then pulled my trousers down. With my back to Mr
Jarrett I pulled my t-shirt down as far as possible, and then put a loose
pair of jogging bottoms on. As discreetly as possible I adjusted my
hardening cock and tucked it into the leg of my boxers to try and hold it
down. By the time I turned around he had pulled on a pair of shorts and was
lacing up his trainers.”Right, young man, are you all set? Let’s turn you into a PE expert, shall
we?”And with that he gently pushed me out of the office.We spent the next hour practising basic football skills, to be honest it
all went by in a blur. There obviously wasn’t a second that I wasn’t
acutely aware that I was in close proximity to this hunk of a man in a vest
and shorts but I did try to concentrate. Even so, there were a couple of
moments that really tested me. He was showing me how to do a safe warm-up
and stretch programme for kids - this involved him putting his arms over
his end and bending to the side. The fact that he was wearing his vest
meant that I had a complete view of his hairy armpits - two shocks of curly
dark hair, striking against the paleness of his underarms. The hair was
slightly damp from his exertions, and he had a clean, masculine smell. The
second test came when he was trying to teach me how to kick a ball
properly. He placed himself behind me and as I made the move to kick the
ball he moved my leg and foot into the correct position. I felt wobbly
under his strong touch and had to steady both my stance and my breathing.All too soon the hour was up and we headed back to the changing room. We
went back into Mr Jarrett’s office where he got us both a glass of water,”That was really good, Simon, I think you’re going to be fine. A few weeks
of this and you’ll get your skills up.”"Thanks sir. I really enjoyed it actually. I don’t think I’ll make the
school team any time soon but it’s really going to make a difference to my
confidence. You said that would be some stuff to help you with for next
week?”"Oh yes, that’d be great. We’re doing time trials mostly next week so I
could do with you checking the stopwatches are working. Why don’t you get a
shower while I go and get them from the store cupboard?”I went to head to the usual student showers but he stopped me,”You’ll have to use the one in here, it won’t go down too well with the
cleaners if you mess it up in there. Just jump in and I’ll get the
stopwatches.”At least he gave me chance to get undressed and in the shower whilst he
went to the storeroom. I showered as fast as possible and was just
towelling myself dry when he returned with a large plastic crate with loads
of stopwatches in.”That was quick, big boy - I hope you washed properly,” he said with a
smile.I assured him I had as I got back into my uniform. I went to spray myself
with my deodorant but the can was empty. He saw me shaking it and trying to
get some out of it, then reached into his sports bag.”Here you go, use mine.”He threw over a roll-on to me, as he proceeded to take off his vest. The
roll-on had a couple of his hairs on it, it had been in his gorgeous armpit
just where I longed my tongue to be.”I’m going to get a shower myself, you can get started on the watches. Just
check them, any that aren’t working put to one side and we’ll replace the
batteries. Spread them out on the desk.”Oh my God. This was sensory overload. I’d gone from spending three years
admiring this man from afar to , in the space of one afternoon, seeing him
completely bollock naked. It was like all my wet dreams had led me to this
singular moment. Now, I knew I had to be careful. He’d already seen me
staring at his packet at the start of the session, I couldn’t let him see
me checking him out now. I set to making myself busy with the stopwatches
as he climbed into the shower. I glanced up and saw his perfect arse Lolita Girl Toplist -
round and furry, with dimples at the top of his thighs. The water had
caused the hairs on his legs to be smoothed down making them seem even
denser with fur. Water ran in rivulets from the hair on his backside. God,
he was perfection. I busied myself with the watches, checking each one and
making two separate piles. After a few minutes I was aware that the water
had stopped and that Mr Jarrett had Lolita Girl Toplist stepped out of the shower. He began
towelling himself down and rubbing his body all over, making the damp hair
fluff up,”How are you getting on?” he asked”Not too bad, there are quite a lot that need new batteries th…”As I spoke to him, I’d looked up for the first time in several minutes as I
wasn’t sure that I could trust my errant cock at the moment. Unfortunately
(or fortunately), the moment I looked up was the moment that Mr Jarrett had
chosen to rub his crotch vigorously with his towel, drying off his sizeable
package. A thick, dark cock was bouncing up and down in front of me, and as
I was sitting down it was completely at my eye-level. He finished by giving
his balls one last rub, then threw his towel over his shoulder. His cock
now rested on two duck egg sized balls, surrounded by a dark nest of fluffy
pubes. His cock bounced enticingly as he moved towards the desk to retrieve
his briefs which he proceeded to pull on. This was a man utterly at ease
with his body. No hiding behind towels or trying to angle himself away, he
was clearly completely comfortable walking around with everything on
display and seemingly oblivious of the effect it was having on me. At least
I thought he was until he said,”Bloody hell. Someone’s a bit excited!”He smiled at me, with a raised eyebrow, then gestured his eyes into my
crotch area. I looked down, stared for a moment at the very obvious tent in
my trousers, felt the blood charge to my cheeks, then looked back up at
him. He was still smiling as I stammered,”Sir…I’m…I’m…it’s just…s-sorry Sir…”"Simon, lighten up. It’s only a hard-on. We all get them. Stop being so
uptight! It looks to me like you’ve got nothing to be ashamed of, so stop
worrying!”As he said this he began to get dressed back into his jumper and trousers,
but with no urgency or sense of hiding his body from me. As he pulled his
trousers up, he had to adjust his packet to allow himself to fasten his
zip. He continued,”Look, it’s not Lolita Girl Toplist just you - having a sexy Lolita Girl Toplist little thing like you with a
hard-on in front of me is Lolita Girl Toplist enough to get me going to, so you’re not on your
own!”I looked up slowly with my mouth slightly open. Had I heard that correctly?
Had my male PE teacher really just called me sexy? As my eyes moved up his
body I saw that there was now a pronounced bulge in his crotch, he reached
behind his fly and quite obviously moved his cock into a more comfortable
position. Once more with burning cheeks, I looked up to his face.”Simon, I’m your teacher but I’m not oblivious. I’ve seen the way you check
me and some of the other lads out. Even though you hang back in PE, it
doesn’t mean I haven’t noticed where your eyes are sometimes. And I know
that you’re not generally shy or reserved so when someone goes red and
struggles to get their words out with me, there’s a pretty obvious
reason. Am I right?”"I don’t know…I…it’s just…” was as much as I managed to stammer out.”Look, like I Lolita Girl Toplist said, I’m your teacher. And I would never take advantage of
that relationship or push anything with anyone. But when your mum
approached me at parents’ evening I thought it was a good opportunity to
bring you out of your shell a bit and see what makes you tick. And
obviously seeing a naked man showering in front of Lolita Girl Toplist you is something that
makes you tick. And as you can see, a hot, sexed-up little thing like you
getting a hard-on in front of me is something that makes me tick! Now, why
don’t you finish off now - I can take those stopwatches home over the
weekend. I think you’ve had enough for one night, haven’t you? Get yourself
home and if you want to we can continue this chat next Friday. If not, then
I can lend you some books and things and we don’t have to say anything else
about it. Deal?”"Yes sir. And thank you, sir.”As I stood up, I once again tried to cover my crotch with my school bag.
This time Mr Jarrett stepped forward and moved it away,”And you can stop covering that up in front of me too. Deal?”With this he reached down into crotch, grabbed my cock and balls and gave
them a firm squeeze. I looked up at, this time unable to even stammer a
response. He smiled and winked before releasing my packet, then gently
guided me by my shoulders to the door.”Have a good weekend, Simon.”I walked Lolita Girl Toplist slowly out school and across the playground. My head was totally
swimming - packed with images of a hairy Lolita Girl Toplist chest, armpits and legs and of a
thick, dark cock, snippets of Mr Jarrett’s Lolita Girl Toplist conversation and the throbbing
in my crotch reminding me where just moments before his hand had been. I
was aware that I wasn’t breathing normally and that my shirt felt damp as
my body reacted to these stimuli. I rounded a corner just past the school
and sat on a low wall. I rubbed both my hands over my eyes, and then
realised I was doing something for this first time since Mr Jarrett had
undressed in front of me. I was smiling - a broad, stupid smile. This
afternoon had gone in a completely unexpected direction and it looked like
there was the promise of more exciting developments to come…(To be continued)

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